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Dog walking and compassionate pet sitting in your home!


We cover West Knoxville from Cedar Bluff to part of Lenoir City, Northshore/West Town mall to part of Hardin Valley..  Some areas are limited.


Your pets are part of your family - treat them to the best care! 

  • Puppies need extra loving and potty breaks during the day!

  • Exercise is a dog requirement - do you have time?

  • Your house is your dog's den. Why would you bring him to a cement floor jail?

  • Quality one on one time with your dog while you are away without paying extra for play time.

  • You don't have to worry about your house either - we take in the mail, take out the garbage and make the house look like you're still home.


Why Hire us?
  • Licensed.Bonded.Insured

  • Winner of best dog daycare 2010

  • Winner of best pet service 2015

  • Available 365 days a year

  • Over 400 loyal and satisfied customers

  • Pet CPR/First Aid Certified


Experience the difference of a professional Pet Care Company!


of Service



We take care of pets in your home - WE DO NOT BOARD PETS

Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions


Monday thru Friday:

  • 15 minutes -  $17 

  • 20 minutes - $19 

  • 30 minutes - $ 24 

  • 1 hour - $40


we add a fee to weekend visits. (Sat and Sun)

  • 15 minutes - $19

  • 20 minutes - $21

  • 30 minutes -  $ 26

  • 1 hour -  $40


rates for Cats and caged animals:

  • Each visit -$17

  • Anything over 15 minutes will be charged Weekday or weekend rates above

  • Might be Additional charge of $3 for more than 3 litter boxes

  • Additional charge for completely cleaning a litter box or cage


Rates for Regulars Mid-day visits at least 3x a week (all rates start at $15)

  • 15 minutes - $15

  • 20 minutes -$17

  • 30 minutes - $ 22


Late Request Fees:

  • We will be charging a late request fee for any service requested within 24 hours of the start visit time. This will automatically be added to the first day that is in the request.

  • We also can’t guarantee that we can fill a late request visit.

OVERNIGHT - No longer taking new clients for Overnights. We are limited with sitters who do overnights.



  • Retrieving mail, paper, watering plants, taking garbage in/out and other small household services

  • Litter scoop for cats in the household

  • 1-2 dogs and up to 3 cats within the household

  • Cat only household – up to 3 cats

  • Most caged animals such as hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, snakes, lizards and fish are included with dog/cat services


  • Morning – between 7:30 am - 10 am

  • Mid Day – between 11 am - 3 pm

  • Dinner – between 5 - 7 pm

  • Night – between 8:30 – 10 pm

  • Cat only household (1 visit per day) – between 10 am & 4 pm

  • Cat only household (2 visits per day) – between 9-11 am & 6-8 pm


Transportation of your pet(s) to the groomer or

vet as well as returning them home. Prices start

at $15 per round trip (under 2 miles, more for longer trip).


We meet repairmen and stay at the home while they work. Prices vary depending on time of day and length of stay.


We use Hush Puppy's every day for walking our two boxers at lunchtime, plus some nights or weekends, and even when we are out of town for a week or two. I could not ask for better service. My dogs get exercised mid-day every day so that they don't have all of that pent-up energy when I get home from work. When I am out of town, I do not have to worry about their welfare. The dogs sitters at H.P. are totally reliable - I have never had any problems. They even take care of my skittish cat.

I have been using Hush Puppy's five days a week for about 10 months and am extremely pleased with this service. My dog walker leaves a note everyday and will promptly text me if anything needs my attention.  My usual walker even brings in my trash bin on collection days. 
This service has been a god-send for me since I work full time.  I have piece of mind knowing that my dog gets attention, play time, and a nice walk each day while I'm at work.  I could not be more pleased with Hush Puppy's.  I trust them with my pet and in my home and would highly recommend them.

What a mind's relief to know that your furry kids are safe at home with people who love animals caring for them. My family left for a 10 day vacation but could not bring our 2 cats and 2 large dogs with us. Trish and Suzanne visited 3 times a day to feed, play and pet the animals in our home. As requested, they texted me on their first visit and then every few days to let me know how the animals were doing along with a personal note about something funny or unique one of the animals did. They even brushed our cat Millie who adores the attention.  And, they cleaned the litter boxes! That was a task I was glad not to have to do upon returning from vacation. The pets were happy and not stressed. We could tell our dogs were definitely played with daily and loved. I think the best part is on the stressful day leaving on a long trip with kids I did not have to crate 2 cats and put all 4 pets in my car to drive to the kennel.

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