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Trish Isbell has lived in West Knoxville for 18 years. She has provided pet care in West Knoxville in homes for over 10 years. She currently owns

2 dogs, Fezzik and Sophie and 2 cats, Smokey and Sammy.


Suzanne Iasiello has lived in West Knoxville for 17 years. She loves animals and especially enjoys walking dogs. She currently owns 4 dogs, 

Stella, Sparky, Mocha and Corona and 1 cat, Diablo.


We'll work very hard to earn your business and impress you with the daily passion we inject into our pet care services. And once you have trusted us with your business, we'll work even harder to keep it every time we serve you.

Carla Parmele

Carla is our Sitter Manager. She takes care

of client communication and handles any questions or concerns from sitters. You will always see her at new client consultations. She also covers sitters in emergencies. Carla is motivated, hard working and willing to take any challenge. She lives in Farragut with her husband and Black Retriever mix, Bruce. 

Mary Irwin

Mary is a client of Hush Puppy's as well as

a sitter. She has known us for our entire business life. She always says how much

she enjoys her job!! She lives in West Knoxville with her husband, kids and 3

dogs and 6 cats. 

Pam Preskenis

Pam has been with Hush Puppy's for a long time as a sitter and a client! She covers the Lovell Hills ard surrouding  area. She is a full time teacher at St John Neuman and works for Hush Puppy's part time! She lives in West Knoxville with her husband and her dogs and 2 birds. 

Caroline & Rick Rollins

Caroline & Rick are clients as well as sitters. They have 6 dogs and 1 cat. They LOVE animals and treat yours as if they were their own.  Rick is the school police officer at BlueGrass school. 

Diana Koza

Diana covere ths West Town and Lyons Bend area. She is also a volunteer at the Knoxville Zoo.  She lives in West Knoxville with her husband, kids and dogs.

Lynn Dobiel

Lynn covers the Cedar Bluff and Bob Gray area.  She is great with any type of bird. She lives in West Knoxville with her husband, boston terriers and 4 birds.

Dianne Weakley

Dianne has been with Hush Puppy's for awhile and services the Northshore, Ebenezer, Westland area. She and her husband David own a sweet rescue named Snickers. 

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